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Muhammad Ahmad, MD

Specialties: Family Medicine
“As your doctor, I know that you have given me your trust to help you and your family stay healthy. My commitment is to always treat you the same way I would treat my own family. I believe that if we make decisions together, we can achieve the best results to keep you healthy and happy.”




  • English
  • Punjabi


  • All Saints


  • Medical School
    2010 Saba University School of Medicine, Netherlands
  • Residency
    2013 University Of Cincinnati-Clinton Memorial Hospital, Wilmington, Ohio


  • Family Medicine

Professional Memberships

Dr. Muhammad Ahmad is an Adjunct Assistant Clinical Professor at Marquette University.

Additional Practice Notes

Dr. Ahmad most often will have students working with him in the clinic. Dr. Ahmad also prioritizes the safety of his patients and staff, so he practices infection control measures by wearing a mask during patient visits.

Patient Reviews

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January 31, 2017
December 28, 2016
Very good experience
December 21, 2016
Dr. Ahmad came across as arrogant, insensitive and demanding! He threatened me that if my numbers do not improve, my insurance will stop paying for my hospital and prescription bills.
December 03, 2016
November 23, 2016
He come in with a mask on, that tells me he's hiding something and thinks he's better than the rest. You tell him something about my health and he acts like I'm an idiot and disregards my concerns, like I don't know what is going on with my own body. He shows no concern for me and just prescribes medicine that I don't need. I've went to another doctor to prove it or I'd still be taking stuff I don't need.
October 24, 2016
October 17, 2016
Good, but perhaps not "wholistic". I came in with anxiety issues, Dr. Ahmad prescribed a rescue medication and counseling. We did not talk much about diet, which after much research on my part, may play a bigger role than either medication or counseling.
September 24, 2016
I am concerned that my doctor is always wearing a mask as though he has a disease or is afraid of catching something from me.
September 06, 2016
my complaint was scheduling aweful experience
July 19, 2016
I like Dr. Ahmad he is the best dr I ever had
July 18, 2016
Dr.Ahmad is a very caring and understanding doctor. He really listens to me when I have concerns or questions.If I have a concern that requires imaging or lab work...he orders it right away and goes over the results we me as soon as he gets them. He does everything he can to help me medically and psychologically. He is the best doctor I have had!!! His staff is the best!!!!!
June 20, 2016
Dr. Ahmad had a student with him the day I went to see him. The student came in the room alone, performed the exam, asked me questions regarding my current issues, and talked to me about how to deal with my arthritis and dealing with shortness of breath due to my asthma. The student spent about 15-20 minutes with me and I was greatly impressed with his bedside manners and concern for my conditions. When the student finished his exam and discussions with me, Dr. Ahmad came back in the room with the student. He was in the room for no more than 3-4 minutes and never examined me. The only thing he discussed was taking the proper over the counter medication for my arthritis and being consistent with using my inhalers. I was disappointed as Dr. Ahmad always spent the time due to my concerns and now that there was a student involved it seemed the student took over my exam and assessed my conditions. I appreciate the care I received I just felt the doctor should have been more involved.
June 03, 2016
I cannot say that I would recommend Dr. Ahmad because I have never seen him before but I have no complaints. He was very nice, explained everything to my daughter and myself, and he made sure that I was comfortable with the decision he made about my children's treatment plan. It was a very positive experience.
May 17, 2016
Good experiences
April 30, 2016
Dr. Ahmad has always been wonderful about listening to me about concerns i have about my health and trying to find solutions and he always includes me in the decisions. I'm not afraid to ask him anything and he always makes sure i understand everything.
February 16, 2016
Dr. Ahmad is very friendly and personable. I truly believe he does care about me, and maybe I was spoiled by my previous physician Dr. Martini who left your organization. However, with Dr. Ahmad I do not feel like I have any input on the process until something goes wrong and I have to fix it. I am a fairly educated man and take pride in keeping myself up to date on my medical conditions. If I take the time to research an alternative treatment as well as a layman could, only to have it brushed aside after one sentence with little to no explanation is patronizing. I also do not appreciate being treated like a drug abuser. I have absolutely no history of drug abuse, and have been prescribed low dose alprazolam for at least five years. My prescription was immediately cut by 1/3 once Dr. Ahmad became my primary and I did not complain. Then a few months later my prescription was changed to a "take one a day" format. When I explained that i had been on the medication for years and have never simply taken one a day I was told it was for my own good, to keep me from being tempted to take more.
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