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Emergency Care

Expert Emergency Services Available Right Here in Your Community

Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook Memorial Campus is located within minutes of most cities and towns in eastern Waukesha County and is consistently ranked above the national benchmarks established for patient care.

All emergency care is provided by board certified emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, advanced trained registered nurses and/or emergency department technicians. Elmbrook emergency medicine physicians are board-certified in cardiac, trauma, medical and pediatric emergency medicine. We've been honored to serve the Brookfield area and surrounding communities for more than 42 years.

In the event of a life threatening situation, call 911 immediately.

Efficiency & Patient Care

At Elmbrook Memorial Campus, 85 percent of emergency treatment is initiated within five minutes of arrival, with door-to-doctor time averaging less than 20 minutes. What makes this possible is a combination of our:

  • unique registration process triage system
  • state-of-the-art patient tracking
  • immediate access to support services
  • high degree of teamwork

Advanced Emergency Services

  • Early intervention for strokes and heart attacks
  • Management of trauma conditions: falls, motor vehicle accidents, fractures, sprains
  • Treatment for infections including pneumonia, kidney, skin, blood
  • Expertise in lacerations, crush injuries, burns, abrasions
  • Asthma management
  • Treatment for acute eye conditions
  • Treatment of problems associated with diabetes, obstructive lung disease, heart disease and chronic medical problems

Learn to recognize the signs of a stroke or a heart attack.

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