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Students Services

Computer Lab Time / E-mail

All School of Radiologic Technology students are assigned an e-mail address through the Wheaton Franciscan Information Systems department, utilizing Microsoft Outlook access. Microsoft Outlook allows faculty and staff to communicate with students via e-mail. Students should check their Microsoft Outlook e-mail twice daily for information from the School and Faculty. All official and unofficial School information will be disseminated to students through their School of Radiologic Technology Outlook account.

If requested, a student may be assigned computer lab time. This lab time usually takes place in the hospital library or the Brown Deer campus. Many computer programs are available to the students to review and study from.


All parking is free and monitored by security in assigned parking structures/lots. Parking on the streets is discouraged – park at your own risk. If you are leaving the hospital late in the evening please take advantage of the Security Escort Service. 


The cafeterias offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a student you receive the employee discount.


You will be provided a locker for your personal belongings. Please be sure to keep your locker locked at all times. Wheaton is not responsible for the loss of any personal property. At times hospital representatives may find it necessary to inspect lockers. In most cases if your locker must be inspected, it will take place while you and your instructor is present. Only in extreme circumstances will a locker be opened in the absence of the student.

Learning Link

The Learning Link is Wheaton’s Learning Management System (LMS) that provides services such as online education and reporting. The Learning Link can be accessed through the Wheaton Intranet using a computer at any work site. Each student is assigned a number to access the Learning Link to complete modules as they are assigned.

Academic Assistance

Didactic instructors are available by appointment to provide additional assistance to students experiencing difficulty with academic coursework.


Students may be granted testing accommodations including additional time and/or a distraction free environment for test taking.


Guidance is available to all students enrolled in the program. The faculty will assist the student academic and clinical concerns. The faculty will direct the student for counseling or referral in cases of personal problems that may interfere with the program.

Associate Health & Wellness

Generally, the Associate Health & Wellness offices are open Monday through Friday on the first shift. The shift start and end times vary according to departmental need. One day each week the Associate Health & Wellness office at most sites is open until 6:30 p.m. There is at least one experienced occupational health registered nurse on staff full time at each of the regional offices. When the Associate Health & Wellness office is closed, student health needs are met in the closest Wheaton Urgent Care, Convenience Care or Emergency Department. The Associate Health & Wellness Medical Directors provide consultation when needed. Services provided:
  • Maintain student health records.
  • Coordinate new and current student health assessment programs including:
    • Pre-placement health assessments
    • Annual periodic health assessments
    • Cytotoxic drug exposure medical surveillance
  • In conjunction with Infection Control, coordinate investigation of student exposures to pathogenic organisms in the work environment; providing post exposure surveillance and coordinating medical follow-up as needed.
  • Analyze data and report trends to the Infection Control Committee, Environment of Care Committee, and/or Leadership Team meetings. Make recommendations for improvement in collaboration with other system leaders.
  • Perform health assessment, or arrange for examination by a physician, when:
    • Any suspicion of a communicable disease
  • Coordinate the student infection control program including:
    • Immunizations
    • Tuberculosis surveillance
    • Post exposure surveillance and coordination of medical follow-up as needed
    • Respiratory fit testing
  • Advise students on safe work habits and assist in reducing environmental hazards.

Care Locations