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Elmbrook & St. Joseph Nurse Residency Program

Wheaton Franciscan - Elmbrook Memorial and St. Joseph Campuses are proud to offer the Nurse Residency Program to support new graduate nurses. As a graduate nurse involved in this program, you will join with other new nurses to develop your practice. You will learn from experienced nurses and other care providers who will share their knowledge and clinical experience with you.

All new nursing graduates hired at Elmbrook Memorial and St. Joseph Campuses may participate in the Nurse Residency Program. Graduate nurses attend the nurse residency sessions every other month during their first year of practice.

You will participate in discussion with your colleagues and clinical experts on a variety of topics that will assist the new graduate to make the transition from student to professional nurse. A positive, safe learning environment that promotes trust and respect helps to build your confidence in your role as a nurse.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the program begin?
You will begin the Nurse Residency Program and attend meetings in the month after you are hired.

Is the program voluntary?
The Nurse Residency Program is mandatory for all graduate nurses, newly licensed RNs, and RNs with minimal acute care experiences who work in the ED, ICU, OB and Medical/Surgical Units.

How often does the Nurse Residency Program meet?
The Nurse Residency Program meets every month for a two-hour session.

How long will I be part of the Nurse Residency Program?
You will be in the program for one year.

What topics are covered in the learning sessions?
Topic examples include:

  • Lab interpretation
  • Sepsis
  • Critical thinking
  • Nursing documentation
  • Patient and family experience
  • Professionalism
  • Chain of command
  • Managing difficult situations

Will I be paid to attend the monthly learning sessions?
Yes, this program is considered a part of your ongoing orientation.

How will my participation in the Nurse Residency Program benefit me?
Participation in the Nurse Residency Program benefits the new graduate through networking, learning from your new nurse colleagues and advanced practice nurses, and building on your own experiences in practice.

More Information

For more information regarding the Nurse Residency Program, please contact:

Megan Jo Rondinelli, BSN, RN
Clinical Development Coordinator

Stacy Lichtig, RN, MSN/Ed
Clinical Development Coordinator

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