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Nurse Residency Program

Nurse Residency Program

Nurse Residency Program

The transition from nursing school to professional nursing practice may be the most challenging time in the career of a nurse.

When new nurse graduates enter the complex environment of the health care organization, they may feel unprepared for the demands of practice; they may also feel pressure to develop competency in a new role within a relatively short amount of time. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare is proud to support new nurse transition to practice with Nurse Residency and development program opportunities at our health care organizations in Southeast Wisconsin.

General Information About the Program

All new nursing graduates hired at Wheaton hospitals in Southeast Wisconsin may participate in the Nurse Residency program at that site.

Note that you do not “apply” into the Nurse Residency program. GNs or newly licensed nurses must apply and be hired at a Wheaton organization; you may then participate in Nurse Residency.

You will not be enrolled into the program until after you are hired.

Purpose of the Nurse Residency Program

The purpose of the Nurse Residency programs across Wheaton is to facilitate the transition from newly licensed nurse to the role of professional nurse.

Objectives of the Nurse Residency Program

Although the actual Nurse Residency program at each market site may look different based on organizational needs, the objectives of the programs across Wheaton markets are the same:

  • Apply content and theory learned in school and from prior work experience to patient care situations in clinical practice 
  • Use evidence and best practice guidelines to build skills and knowledge that support practice/positive patient outcomes 
  • Develop commitment to lifelong learning and continuing growth as a nursing professional 
  • Analyze patient responses to nursing interventions in patient care situations to develop clinical reasoning/clinical judgment skills 
  • Build self - confidence with:
    1. multi-dimensional care aspects of patients and families as a professional registered nurse;
    2. collaborating in an inter-professional team to support patient and family centered care
  • Identify opportunities and positive strategies that support socialization into department/organization/ and community culture

If you have questions about the hiring process or tips on getting hired, please contact HR Recruitment Support Line.

Please do not send your resume to the Nurse Residency program coordinators. Your resume needs to be submitted online with your application. View available positions in Southeast Wisconsin.

For More Information

For more information regarding the Nurse Residency program, please select one of the following Wheaton sites: