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Nursing Travelers

Nursing Travelers (Long-Term Contracted Staff) are individuals with verified credentials (RN, LPN) providing services within Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare for an extended period of time (30 days or more) utilizing a contract agreement with an agency which identifies a specific provider and includes requirements related to their scope of practice, length of service, requirements for cancellation and commitment to hours and shifts.

Your Orientation

Your orientation to Wheaton will consist of self-study materials completed prior to your arrival, a classroom orientation and a department orientation on your first day of work. Expected outcomes include:

  • Nursing staff will feel comfortable and knowledgeable in the environment.
  • Basic competencies will be validated.
  • Regulatory standards will be met.

Our goal is that you will be able to meet the same high standards of behavior and patient care that are expected of our own associates.

Please Note: We encourage you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers on a desktop or laptop computer as some of these orientation modules are not supported by Internet Explorer and mobile devices.

Step One: Credentialing Checklist

Before working at a Wheaton facility, the Nursing Credentialing Checklist must be completed by the agency and faxed to the central staffing office, along with all supporting documents.

Step Two: Forms

Agency RN-LPN Orientation Checklist

Please print a copy of the Agency RN-LPN Orientation Checklist. Review all items listed under Self-Study and check them off on the list. This list will be signed and dated after the department portion of orientation is completed.

Confidentiality Statement

Please print, review, and sign the Confidentiality Statement. Bring it along the first day you report to your department.

RN/LPN Agency Initial Orientation and Competency Form

This form must be completed during your first shift at a Wheaton facility, as described under Step Four. You can obtain a copy of this form from the manager, supervisor or charge nurse of the department where you are working. The Patient Care Supervisor or Charge Nurse will fax the completed form to the WSST office at 414-465-3493. Staffing office to file and distribute copies to the agency and to any Wheaton site where agency RN/LPN will be working.

The Journey

Please review the Expectations for the Journey.
Please print, review and sign the Expectations for the Journey Commitment Statement. Bring it along on your first day of work to turn in to the manager or supervisor of the department you will be working.

Step Three: Self-Study

Step Four: On-Site Department/Facility Orientation (Your First Work Shift)

After you have completed the self-study and classroom portions of your orientation, you are eligible to work at a Wheaton facility. When you come to the unit for your first shift, you can expect to meet unit staff, tour the unit and find out some things that are specific to that unit.

When you arrive, you will complete the unit orientation portion of the RN/LPN Agency Initial Orientation and Competency Form. During your first shift, you must be signed off on the Clinical Competencies listed on this checklist. Your department may also have department specific orientation competencies that you must complete.

The competencies may be validated by the charge nurse or a designated preceptor. The completed form should be faxed to the Central Staffing Office at 414-465-3444 where it will be placed in your file.

If you have any questions, please contact your agency, the manager or supervisor of the department you will be working.