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Community Care

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare offers a charity care program called Community Care to assist qualified individuals in financial need. If you receive medically necessary care and show financial need, but do not qualify for other financial assistance programs, you may apply for financial assistance through Community Care. Participants must meet requirements for assets, home equity and income relative to family size.

Read our Patient Financial Assistance & Community Care Program Policy (PDF).

All sites owned and operated by Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare give a percentage discount to our uninsured patients. The amount accepted as payment for care will be consistent with that received by patients with private insurance. 

Any patient with out-of-pocket expenses, whether insured or uninsured, may qualify for Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare’s charity care program. 

Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare works with patients to establish payment plans as needed.

How to Apply for Community Care

To apply for Community Care, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-877-304-6332.

One Patient's Story

See how our Community Care Program is helping patients with financial assistance for medically necessary procedures.

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